We reach out to women and teens who are experiencing socio-economic disadvantages and specific barriers to upward mobility, resulting in higher risk of sexual exploitation in San Antonio, TX.


We meet daughters, mothers, and sisters where they are, providing an access point to support and services.


We become an ally to women and teens who find themselves in a transitional period in life.


We advocate for women’s human rights, dignity, and equity.


Our programs & partnerships provide trauma-informed care & wrap-around support.


These services include personal mentoring, licensed professional counseling, peer support groups, legal advocacy, and case management.


Our educational programs reach survivors of sexual exploitation and trafficking, teens and women at-risk.


ForTeens is an exploitation prevention program providing stabilizing support and educational resources for teens at-risk, teen mothers and their children. We equip youth with tools to identify the warning signs of exploitive relationships and learn how to become advocates for themselves and allies for their peers.


Through For Her Digital, we provide online life skills classes, vocational workshops, and continuing education.


Together, we create opportunities for spiritual and relational connection, educational growth, and workforce development.


We offer opportunities for individuals, businesses and members within the faith community to link arms and be a part of the solution to these immediate needs. 


Our partners in the For Her Network engage in this work through volunteerism, monetary donations, sponsorships and contributing pro-bono professional services.

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Kayla Moilanen

Kayla Moilanen

Activist, Founder & CEO
Yadira Gonzales

Yadira Gonzales

Development & Communications Director

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Every dollar you give brings dignity and equity to women in our community.

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