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The power to foster the dignity and equity of marginalized women in our community is in your hands.

Become a part of a passionate community dedicated to transforming women’s lives after trauma. Your donation helps fund the most urgent on-the-ground efforts to educate, elevate, and empower survivors of sexual exploitation and human trafficking here in San Antonio. As a For Her supporter, you can feel confident that you are making a critical difference in the lives of the women we serve.

Volunteer with Us

Only through your efforts can For Her achieve its mission of transforming women’s lives after trauma.

Getting women out of the cycle of abuse doesn’t start with an outreach program. It starts with those who serve. For Her’s diverse range of volunteer opportunities ensure that your talents and skills are put to use where they’re needed most, allowing us to make the deepest impact possible. Whether you're an individual, group, or company, we invite you to join us in serving women today.

Host an Event

Whether you are hosting your own event or would like us to take the lead at your gathering, we'd love to link arms with you!

What We Offer

(Standalone events or a combination of the following)

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Information table at your event

Types of events we have participated in:

  • Conferences
  • Social or spiritual gatherings
  • Service projects
  • Informational/awareness meetings
  • Continuing education and training for businesses, service providers, educators, public servants, ministry workers, etc.

Service project opportunities

Packing Party

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Packing Party

During Packing Parties volunteers assemble 150 gifts and information booklets to be given out during our outreach efforts.

Groups hosting a Packing Party are asked to sponsor or fundraise the $1200 required to purchase the gifts.

Schedule your Packing Party here!

Love Note Party

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Love Note Party

Host your own party and create love notes with your friends, church, or coworkers that will be delivered during our outreach efforts.

A Love Note Party can be held as a standalone event or in conjunction with a Packing Party.

Instructions as well as mailing information for love notes can be found here.

Home Hosted Event

Sponsoring a Home Hosted Event on behalf of For Her is an easy way to contribute to our mission of empowering marginalized women in San Antonio to overcome trauma and transform their lives.

By bringing together your community of support, you help us grow ours, and in turn change lives.

Feel called to host an event? Sign up below to help widen our community of support!

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Join the For Her Network

Through the For Her Network, we offer opportunities for professional service providers, employers, business owners, and individuals to be a part of the solution to meeting the immediate needs of our clients. Our partners in the For Her Network engage in this work through contributing pro-bono professional services.

Examples of services needed include dental care, legal services, licensed professional counseling, medical care, tutoring, automotive services, real estate, etc.